Monday, 19 September 2011

Flight of the condors

This entry is late. Have been stuck on a remote island, poor us...

As if the Inca Trail wasn't enough, Ash and I hiked up another mountain to view the mighty condors in the lower Andes, Bolivia. This area is also famous for being one of Che Guevara's hangouts.

After a few minutes' wait, the flight of the condors began. This photo doesn't really do justice to their two-metre wing span.

Er, I'd put up better footage with close ups but it's shakier than the Blair Witch Project. And I haven't worked out how to use the video editing software yet.

Bolivia also has ancient ruins, like this fortress in Samaipata which is very well preserved but attracts a fraction of the tourists that Machu Picchu does.

Next ... Goodbye mountains, hello sun, surf and sand.

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Location:Samaipata, Bolivia

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