Monday, 19 September 2011

The girl from Ipanema

Our capoeira instructor thinks I'm better than Ash! Not that we're competitive. Fact is neither of us are great so here's a demo by the master himself. Something to aspire to.

YouTube Video

Rio welcomed us with open arms.

The city is as stunning as supermodel Gisele!

The bar that inspired 'The girl from Ipanema' serves toxic caiprinhas.

Street scenes from Santa Teresa, our favorite neighbourhood in Rio.

Is he painting the building or himself?

On Brazil's independence day, the party spilled out to the streets.

Soccer ... Of course.

We flew to Salvador and stayed with Antonio and Graca, Daniel's parents, who introduced us to the spectacular cuisine. Mocequa, acaraje, couscous with banana and with coconut. Mmmm...

Rest and relaxation at nearby island Boipeba.

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