Monday, 22 August 2011

Bolivia, land of extremes

At the highest salt lake in the world, Lake Titicaca, we met the friendliest couple in the world, Steffie and Pat, left in the foreground here.

Ash in front of the area where mystical energy is concentrated at La Isla del Sol. Soaking up the magic.

Did you know that FIFA has banned games at high altitudes, ruling out La Paz as a venue? The locals are unimpressed. Too bad, it's not too shabby a backdrop in La Paz. Woulda looked great on TV.

Valley of the Moon in La Paz is spectacular. We stayed up the road from here in a Swiss-run hotel, with a cosy fireplace in the room. A necessity for tropical blooded me.

In the jungle, the mighty jungle the tarantula sleeps tonight.

This will take care of the tarantulas! Overreacting much, Ashley?

The tourists had to work for their dinner. Our canoe got stuck on the shallow riverbed and we - well, the boys - had to climb out and push it through alligator-infested waters. Yikes. Luis the Italiano leads the way.

In the jungle the mighty jungle, Caroline sleeps tonight.


It was this big! I brought this one in without a rod. Had to sling the line over my shoulder, the bugger was so powerful. Yes, friends, I have ceased caring about fashion. I am jungle woman now after all.

Aw, no fish for Ash.

Hanging out with Alf and Evy in Rurrenabaque. And I mean hanging out. From one cafe to the next. For hours. Days. In La Paz too. Sorry, working friends in Sydney, that's not what you want to hear, is it?

Next ...Samaipata and Che's last days. Back on the bus tomorrow.

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Location:Lake Titicaca, Amazon, La Paz

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  1. wow cool blog!!! ;o) thanks for the compliments ;o) you guys are awesome!!!

    Have a wonderful time!!!
    Steffie & Patrick