Saturday, 6 August 2011

The most gruelling 4 days of my life

A few pictorial highlights of scenery, chicos, guys, chicos, guys. (Inside joke.)

The everyday heroes, the porters, take a well deserved break.

Richard: how do they do it?

At long last, we reach the highest peak at 4000 meters on Day 2.

Javier, aka Mr Nike, demonstrates the S technique.

Matching souvenir hats. Aw...

The next summit was a breeze. We are all fresh as daisies on Day 3. Right Mike (centre in red)? To the extreme right, Katrina and Fiona, the Cadel Evanses of the hike. Aussies do it best!

Another Inca town, on the way to Machu Picchu.

Sheer poetry.

Our intrepid group of Aussies, Yanks and Canucks reached Machu Picchu after a rainy hike starting at 4am on Day 4.

Weary but happy.

My only image of our excellent guide, Alestan, is in this footage. Chicos, guys! You can tell from my narration I am not a morning person.

YouTube Video

Inca walls in Cusco.

Gratuitous llama shot.

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Location:Inca Trail and Cusco, Peru

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