Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Top 5 so far

Have been lazy with blogging, so to bring us up to speed, here's a montage.

Best ever experience: seeing a Beatle live at Yankee Stadium

... With our NYC family. We were elated not only about the prospect of seeing McCartney but the excellent park right in front of the stadium.

Thanks Lenny! For the VIP seats too. The moment - when the entire stadium sang Hey Jude with Paul. Then superseded by Billy Joel on the piano for When I saw her standing there. I could be a baby boomer at heart.

On to number two. Tuscany - classic. This is Nico's backyard in Montepulciano.

And his dog Caius.

One more gratuitous shot of the Tuscan hills.

Natural springs in southern Tuscany...

Number three - witnessing live drama unfold as Kristian and his family prepare to open their restaurant at Villa Amfora, Dubrovnik. A taste of what we will encounter if we open our wine bar. Alas no pic of the entrepreneur or the restaurant. But here is the video of the best wine ever, from D'Vino, a bar run by Kristian's friend, an ex-Brisbanite.

YouTube Video

Number four - Lausanne, Sunday on the lake with Sarah's family and friends. Postcard perfect.

Number five - following in Hemingway's footsteps in Havana.

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